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PSP…. that thing still exists?

Other day while checking on Amazon i noticed that they had some dirt cheap PSP games... The PSP was one of the consoles I regretted buying, its lack of games coupled with high price point makes it pretty dump. I know there are alot of PSP fanboys who love the crappy remakes and the shoddy puzzle/sports games on it.

Only games i have bought on my PSP so far were bargains, well from a price point of view


If you imagine getting worms 2, making the general graphics look a tad cheaper and rushed. Then throw in some POINTLESS animated 3D background that makes the FPS cry out in pain. Wasn't impressed, i would have prefered Worms 2 on there, im sure they also took out ALOT of stuff that was in Worms 2 and other worms games in this title... whats the point?


Well this game wasn't too much of a let down, it lived up to its word of being a fun music/puzzle game, i am still a tad confused by alot of it but it makes nice beats and has a tetris/columns feel to it...

MGS : Acid

This game is a bit long winded but at the same time a bit short, i mean granted it will possibly take you a minimum of 15 hours to complete if you are <a href="" target="_BLANK">doom ape tactic man</a>, but the only reason it takes so long is because its just soooo slow to play. Not that i mind, as im a patient gamer, as long as there is a good reason for me to wait through lots of dialog and action, i will wait... and i think this game was a decent purchase at <£20...

Street Fighter Alpha 3

PSX game with a couple of extra modes and a local wireless mode, why not put an online mode in?

I think i have some other games but they are not worth mentioning. So at this point i was wondering if i should risk buying some more, which i think may be a waste of money... but if it provides SOME entertainment it may be worth it...

I think i REALLY should get the articles section up and running so i can rant about this sort of stuff in there opposed to in here, but its not so im gonna keep ranting.

When i bought the PSP originally i was hoping to have some fun multiplayers online, not on a local wifi network, but online with other players, there are like 2 games that use this... I was also expecting alot of decent RPG games, Suikoden I+II as well as some new PSP ones... Suikoden doesn't look like its getting released over here and all the other PSP offerings are a tad dump, or just crappy remakes, hell i think they even have SNES standard games being re-released.

Another BIG reason why i wanted one was because there was alot of talk of PSX emulation on the PSP so i could play through Chrono Cross or any other PSX games i never got round to playing, but then Sony decide you HAVE to have a PS3 to get access to this stuff... Why not just cut out the middle man and put it on the PSP directly?

Sony want to make money, if they let PSP owners directly buy PSX games im sure they will sell ALOT more, and they may do this in the future, but as a PSP owner for a year and a bit i feel neglected by them and pretty gutted that i wasted so much money on the bag of crap that is the PSP...

I could rant all day but i cant be bothered atm... Most of the people i live with are ill at the moment, including Jen. I think she has tried to infect me too as i can feel the crappy cough coming on. Should have big [URL][NAME]biohazard symbols[/URL] round the house, hope they all get well soon!

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