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PSP – Pretty Shitty Playstation

After a few months of not really touching my PSP i picked it back up again for MGS:PO. I must admit it is quite a fun game on the crappy console.

After getting bored of that, i decided to update my PSPs firmware and check what new demos they had to download..

NONE, thats right NO new updates to the site... the initial page im faced with says "The PSP Is Here"... I regret to inform you Sony, but the PSP was here 2 years ago, and not much has changed since its sketchy release.

Out of every PSP owner i know, none of them use their PSP regularly, a couple use their PSP once a month or so just to see if there is anything new. The others only use it because they have managed to downgrade the firmware and use homebrew on it...

Im rather annoyed that their site has not had any new demos in roughly a year, their games are expensive and crap and their UMDs are overpriced mini DVDs.

Why in hell are sony releasing a NEW model PSP??? the one they currently have is a bag of crap, they need more software and online content for it... not new hardware.

I would rant for longer but in all honesty the PSP aint worth the time, until i can download PSX games DIRECTLY onto my PSP from the net for a DECENT price and Suikoden 1/2 are released on it im gonna see it as the most expensive doorstop ive ever puchased.

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