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Pokemon Battle Revolution…

With the new Pokemon Wii title around the corner i was wondering if it was worth buying.

After a debate about previous Pokemon titles with Flec it was decided that Battle Revolution cant be worse than the fabled Pokemon Colliseum, that game was a train wreck. The only fun part to that game was when you pressed the power button and turned the console off.

This makes me wonder, is it possible to make a decent Pokemon game that ISNT on a hand held system.... I believe it is, as they have a winning forumla for games. If they just stick to it but make it a bit bigger and better for the consoles opposed to making it more limited in gameplay and slower in progress.

Im hoping that they will implement a DECENT online play system with this, as i wasnt too impressed with D/P online capabilities.

Anyway i dont think i will be buying it, although the new Trauma Center game on the Wii with coop is looking mighty buyable.

Non Handheld Pokemon Games - Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me

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