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PSP… Again

SO... i downgraded my PSP, WOOOOOO i hear you all shouting.

Unfortunatly its still a steaming pile of dung, i thought i would be able to put all my PS1 games onto the PSP and play them on the move. As i own quite a few rare PSX games i was quite looking forward to completing the games that i never bothered with before as i could do it on the move....

1st Mistake

Im using 3.71M33-4 custom firmware, not sure if its due to that fact, but the playstation emulator is as stable as UK finances, its locked up on 2-5 games im played, and the PSP community doesnt seem to care or acknowledge this.... The games its locked up on for me so far are Chrono Cross and Castlevania - SoTN, oh and i think it locked up on Alundra for a bit.

If only this was more stable then it would be a worthwhile thing to do, as its great being able to play those classics on the PSP again, just a shame that its pointless playing any games as it could crash at any time, nullifying any work you have put in.

2nd Mistake

I also saw FFT-War of the Lions on offer for about £10 on play, so i thought SCORE! Once i got the game i was quite looking forward to it, as the GBA title was great fun. Unfortunatly i was dissapointed like oh so many games these days. The game has pointless characters who are paper thin and you dont really remember. The battles are a struggle as you no longer get the option to pretend to move and see what you can do, once you move you are stuck where you went, and SOOOOO many times ive done this and BAM im out of range or some other tripe. Another GREAT addition is the line of sight method, so when you are using archers or the like, if you want to shoot someone 3 squares ahead but you have an ally 2 squares ahead. It seems impossible for you to aim OVER your ally and get JUST the bad guy, you have to hit the first thing in your Line of Sight. What a steaming pile of crap that is.

Also the skills system has been butchered, no longer do you equip a weapon that gives you a skill. You have to do battles which are harder than trying to climb a mountain with 2 gorillas strapped to your back. WHY OH WHY ARE THEY SO HARD??? because EVERYONE counters. you do 10 damage, they do 30.

Only good thing i can say about it is that they have introduced coop play, however when the game is that annoying in and out of battle who the hell wants to coop on it...

Apart from that Christmas is now over, so no more panic buying, hope you all had a good one and have a fun new years planned!

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