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So… Diablo III

So who saw that one coming?

Personally im looking forward to D3, hpoing that it will at least recapture some of the GREAT gameplay that was in the previous games. Many a LAN was had where i would end up getting extremely frustrated at being killed on the first level in Hell mode as Col sprinted through on his god like paladin whos only move was to dash at monsters with some hefy mace and some stupid aura that does 5000% more damage or something... good times.

The game play trailers looked a bit average until they got outside, i thought it looked superb the way they had managed to keep the outdoor environment looking like a piece of artwork. They also kept mentioning how they were going to keep the game orientated around coop play, which is one of the best things about this series, seems like Bliz are one of the best game related companies at the moment so im sure things will be great.

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