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Kinect vs Move?

So I was half tempted the other day to buy a PS3 Move controller, primarly because I had some money sitting on a Game store card that I hadn't spent and thought I should do something with it.

After reading the reviews it sounds like the Move will have more games on release and more hardcore games coming out for it, however it just feels like an improved Wii remote. So im assuming like the Wii after playing with it for a couple of months and they decide to only release kiddy games for it then I would bin it.

The Kinect on the other hand sounds alot more interesting too me, not to say it will be any good, but it feels like it could do alot more than the Move, mainly because it can track lots more stuff and you dont need a controller.
The latter reason being a double edged sword really as I like controllers and it would feel weird without one, but on the flip side you can prance around the room like an idiot without having to hold a piece of plastic...

Neither seem to have any usages at the moment that make me go WOW, although I want them to release a starwars game where you get to properly hold a lightsaber and bean people and random entities in the face.

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