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Now for those who dont know me that well im extremely volitile when it comes to naming my favorite games, films, tv shows... I will pretty much change my mind every few weeks but we were having a discussion at work yesterday and I came up with a top 5 list of each fairly quickly, although im sure i've missed out some gems in there, and it has changed slightly since yesterday...

The original discussion can be found here, on Tom's awesome blog site thing.


5th Place - Counter Strike
I have only really put this game in because we used to have alot of fun at the LAN nights playing Jeepathon and/or other crazy vehicle based levels. I would also like to add that the halflife level with the rollercoaster was a gem too.

4th Place - Diablo II
During the end of high school a slice of awesome pie was released unto the world. I spent many hours round at Col's place playing coop trying to beat his minmaxed paladin (which was impossible).
It was one of the few great PC games for its time that stood up well in single AND multiplayer, and as you could have loads of friends in one game it also went down well at the LAN nights, where we would all start new characters and just see how far we could get.
The game had brilliant graphics and character diversity for its time, with almost every character equipment combination looking unique, and the gameplay was brilliant, even if it did turn into a bit of a grind later on.

3rd Place - World of Warcraft
These days im not really a massive fan of the game, however back when it had first come out I loved the crafting and instance elements to the game. They had fused the best parts of pretty much all other MMOs of its generation and polished it up well.
The main problem I found with the game was the game seemed to enforce the *look after number 1* mentality, as you only did instances to get yourself more gear, you only joined a guild so you could get into the harder instances to get yourself more gear, see the pattern forming... Alot of other games tried to make guilds/clans more than just a raiding party, so you could get guild housing or take over areas of the world. Wow just fell short on this area for me, which is why it got boring after a while, saying that I still have about 7 level 70s.

2nd Place - Neverwinter Nights
Now this was a BRILLIANT game, the single player campaigns may have been a bit tripe at times, but the persistant world servers were quite possibly the best long term multiplayer experience i've had to date, which is why im so bitter about NWN2 being such a dissapointment.
It really gave me as a player what i wanted from multiplayer games, lots of variety, such as crafting, exploration, combat, story, character development, constantly evolving world.
It gave me everything an MMO would, apart from the thousands of people, but to be honest I found this alot better, as you got to put a name to the face. With only 50 players allowed on the server at one time, you got to know most of the regulars and there was always someone to talk to or do something with, and as they had active GMs there constantly changing the world and adding new content it gave you a reason to log in, as you NEVER knew what was going to happen.
Mez's legendary last words when walking towards a Dire Bear saying "Don't worry, i've got gloves of Animal Empathy +1" will be remembered forever.

1st - Battlefield 1942
If im honest, NWN really should be sat here... HOWEVER BF1942 gave me so many awesome gaming moments and would be more applicable to the masses I thought it should be promoted.

I remember the day Mez came back to Uni after the christmas hols and told us that he had got this great game called Battlefield. I was a bit sceptical as I had played lots of multiplayer centric games before that tried to involve vehicles but failed...

HOW WRONG I WAS... this game was amazing...

The graphics were great for its time, the levels were well designed, the vehicles gave so much freedom, it was a golden age for FPS/Vehicle multiplayer gaming for me.
I remember when Rolf, Jode and myself were flying a bomber in market garden, but were forced to land in a ditch on the enemy side so Jode could get out and repair it. As hes doing that 2 tanks are starting to head up over the hills towards us, I start the engines and prep for an almost impossible vertical takeoff... Just as the tanks are within distance I got some air and Jode jumped back in, flying away from the enemies laughing our asses off... there are so many great moments in this game that involve driving random players through minefields on a jeep, to trying to land an upside down plane on Jodes tanks, even re-enacting a scene from Regin of Fire, but replacing the dragon with a bomber plane.

The vast array of levels with different vehicles and lots of great areas to do stupid stuff in really made me and the rest of the guys laugh, and thats what games are there for, to give us some fun...

Will be posting the single player list later on...

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  1. Aaaah the memories. This was along time ago! scary. hows you?

    • I’m good thanks, currently stationed in Liverpool. Waiting to receive Dark Souls, as Mo keeps wanting to talk about it. Can’t wait for Skyrim, gonna be my number 1 time sink.

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