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Top 5 Games – continued

So continuing on from the previous post here are my *current* top 5 single player games.

5th Place - Grandia II
This game originally did not make the list, but then I thought back to the first time I played it. Not knowing what it was or why someone had thrown it in with my Dreamcast purchase.
After putting it on I was amazed at how the game looked and the voice acting and world design, the battle system also blew me away.
The characters and story may not have been the best, and it may have just been the buzz I got finding this gem when I was bored and stuck at a relatives home waiting to go to university. Either way im putting it at 5th position, but im sure that in 30 mins I will realise I should have put another game here.

4th Place - Resident Evil (Original)
This game was one of the first PSX games I was lucky enough to see. A friend had gotten a PSX for christmas although I will admit I had never heard of it at the time, and knew more about the 3DO and Jaguar than I did about that console.
Anyway another friend got one and invited me round to play this new game he got and I was completely immersed in the bad voice acting and wooden character animations, but at that age I couldnt care less about these faults.
I loved the fact that it had you at the end of your seat for the majority of the game, not knowing what was waiting around the corner, and what crazy part of the story would unfold next.
The graphics were pretty good for their time, and although people critisize the voice acting and camera angles, they just added to the whole thing in my opinion.

3rd Place - Baldur's Gate
When most people were doing GCSE revision, I found my time was better spent playing one of the best PC RPGs ever released.
Oz and myself spent soooooooooo many evenings playing that gem after rushing round to my uncles house after school to play on the PC (long story about having to have my PC at my uncles house).
The games graphics were vibrant and well put together, the D&D mechanics were brilliant and the storyline and character interactions were second to none.
We re-played that game so many times, and each time found something new, be it a new area, NPC, quest, item. It was possibly the only game I could put on in the morning and I would suddenly realise it was evening. Last time that happened it was D&D on the megadrive... which to be fair should be in this top 5 now that I think about it.
Baldur's Gate also had brilliant multiplayer and the sheer variety of character combinations and storyline choices made every multiplayer game feel different and new.

2nd Place - Final Fantasy VII
Not really cared *that* much about any of the other FF games, never played it on the Snes or Nes, although I did play Illusion of Time which was a brilliant Snes RPG.
Anyway back to the game at hand, I bought this game without having a PSX nor a memory card (I was young/stupid and had recently been given £30 for christmas or something), so I invaded a friends house, kicked him off his PSX and let one of the best opening sequences for any game unfold.
From that point on I was hooked, I even had to contact another friend to get a memory card so I could save my 7 hours of progress.

The storyline in this game seemed to be easy to grasp to begin with, but brilliantly paced. Although the more you play the crazier it gets and the more and more it becomes a challenge to understand what is going on and why Cloud is a gibbering wreck in a wheel chair... It had a great battle system and with one of the best equipment systems in any FF game ive played (materia system) it kept me hooked trying to find new rare materias and trying to search the world map finding hidden things.

While im on the subject what ever happened to the world maps, did someone take offense to them, or it was deemed to much effort to put in? The world map in this game was as much fun as the areas within the world.
The characters were brilliant and memorable, I knew their motivations, their back stories and they entertained me to no end. One of the best console RPG games to date imo... well apart from the first position.

1st Place - Suikoden I/II
Normally I wouldnt be allowed to include 2 games in first place, but luckily they did release the 2 games in one pack in japan, so I think that allows me to do so.
Anyway these 2 are the king of console RPG games, they have epic storylines heaps of memorable characters and events, simple but fun battle systems and world maps.
After Suikoden II they decided to persue a different set of characters and timeline, whereas Suikoden II follows Suikoden I a few years later and includes alot more of the characters and feels alot more like a sequel.
The amount of times you can replay these gems trying to collect everything and all characters is crazy, also changing your runes and other equipment to see what crazy combination attacks you can create make it a classic...

Games that didnt make it
There are lots of games that didn't make it on here...

- Pokemon
- Legend of Zelda - Link to the past
- Wild Arms
- Unreal Tournament
- Mario 64
- Mario Kart 64
- Warriors of the eternal sun (FULL OF WIN)

And many more...

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