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WoW feels broken…

So the other night I was told i needed to update to 4.0.X, and I thought AWESOME i can actually try out some of the new changes i've been hearing about.

After getting the update and getting in I felt underwhelmed and a bit dissapointed. I will try and break down what i'm annoyed about and why...

General Performance
The game seems to be running in general about 15% slower than it used to across all things, in built up areas it crawls but used to be fine, and thats with exactly the same settings but the water details turned down. God forbid i go anywhere near water with the water settings up high, it instantly goes from 60fps to 40fps, its crazy.

Talent/Skill Changes
I came into this patch only hearing brief rumours about new skills and talent changes, so I was caught off guard with the talent changes, which seemed pretty huge. I was not a massive fan of what they have done, especially considering they were trying to make out they are getting rid of useless talents and making it so there are less *cookie cutter* specs, but this seems to do the exact oposite.

Some of the new skills are pretty cool, like the soul burn move for warlocks is nice, but I'm finding it all really unbalanced and confusing, everything worked fine before and this doesn't seem to be any sort of improvement...

There are so many glitches i've encountered so far, here are a few that have really annoyed me:

- Mouse over-ing the pumpkin at the headless horseman event crashes wow
- Clicking on a conjured mage table crashes wow
- Clicking on certain flight path people crashes wow

Overall it just feels like its still in beta, alot of spells and animations still dont seem to display correctly, and its awful getting a group then finding everyone crashing so you have to leave giving you a debuff...

Overall im thinking that they should have kept this patch back a bit longer until it was at least stable, im finding it really dull at the moment and have next to no freedom with my talents, although I am liking dual speccing now i can afford it :D

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