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Fable 3… *sigh*

It was that time again where Jode and myself got bored and fancied playing through Fable 3. After playing through all previous Fable games we were a little apprehensive giving this one a go...

Anyway we started playing and all seemed ok... there was a pointless npc who acted like we were best friends for the intro part, and when forced with the choice of killing her or killing other random npcs we felt she was of little or no use to the story so we had to let her go.

After that there is a simple story involving a rebellion and lots of town rulers who tell you how bad they have it, you try to help them out then move onto the next one... I was starting to fall asleep as the story was a bit dull until after about 10 hours. POW a new storyline element seems to come out of nowhere, involving a hidden darkness and it trying to destroy everything... I woke up again and felt this was the part where the REAL story was going to begin... Unfortunately it was short lived and then the game seemed to fast forward giving me random chores to do and to either screw over the people I promised to help, or actually help them, which put me out of pocket and required some leg work.

Anyway long story short, the last boss dies in like 3 hits and is anticlimactic, the following ending then consisted of a black background and a small amount of text saying about 10 words either praising your actions or telling you that you failed.

I haven't bothered to dig into any of the gameplay aspects of the game, as if you have played Fable 1/2 it isn't anything new. Although I did like Mr Ross and Fry's voice acting, provided some much needed amusement during the boredom.

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