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Guild Wars ++

Well since me getting guild wars ive been playing that most of the time. Im almost level 20 on it, but i get my ass handed to me by the ub3r l33t people in the PVP arenas..
Anyway i just did some simple site updates, im not sure if i can be arsed adding comments... would be fun to see some people come on and go OMG OWNED...
We also played C&C Generals this weekend, omg it was soooo pants my units were about as intelligent as a potato. They thought the best course of action when under attack was to let the first 3 units attack back, then when they died... bring 3 more units up front... its like the kung fu movies where its like THE WORLD vs 1 Man.. yet the world sends one man in at a time to get their asses kicked... managed to pull back a win tho... gonna go make some bling... Roger Roger... erm... Out
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