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Not much to update really

Well not much has happened recently really... no shoddy games to complain about... no amazing feats accomplished. Not even had an amazing sandwich recently, although i did have quite a good toastie last night.

Started doing Arena battles in WoW, they are acctually quite fun although its usually a damn tough battle until one person from the opposition is dropped. Jen, Fox, Beldri are all leveling now to come join us on some fun runs...

Did some more work on the Php game, then the people who host us decided to bugger up their servers

Me: "Have you changed any PHP/Server settings in the past 48 hours?"

Them: "Our engineers have assured us nothing has changed"

So why in hell have half my sites suddenly gone and imploded? it ended up someone had removed the filename postfix or whatever, which meant all the pages stopped operating, but they still never admitted to changing anything.

OH! i also started watching Battlestar Gallactica in a spat of boredom the other week, and its quite good, up to season 2 episode 2 at the moment, im saving it for when i got bored again then i will watch up to season 3.

Also recently had a LAN night at Jodes house with everyone, we played Supreme Commander...

Its a good game, but its a bit TOO epic for an RTS game, you tend to spend most of your time zooming in and out and building air units as ground units are waaay too slow to use for offensive attacks. All in all worth a play, but dont expect it to last < 2 hours in a match...

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C#… bling?

Well after more actionscript work and PHP work the site is slowly coming together, still lots to do but at least things are still moving along with it. As much as i hated C# when it first came out i have been screwing around with it quite alot recently... Its quite good for making simple apps fairly quickly, even managed DirectX is quite good in it.

Well not much else to update, we disbanded the WoW guild after deciding most of the members were just item whores who no one cared about, so we made new level 29 characters and have started to PvP on them.

Watched Cannonball run and some other classics the other day with Jode, not much other bling really...

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