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Fable and some other Xbox classics

Due to games running as stable as a psychopath on LSD on my laptop, ive been forced to look elsewhere for some decent gaming. Luckily for me Jode has his old Xbox tucked away in the back room with a plethora of games.

I started playing Fable a while back on the Xbox, back when i had just left university and was staying over at Jodes parents place. The game reminded me of a more realistic looking zelda, with the charm of wierd english sounding npcs. My original gripes with the game were the annoying interface for equipping things, as it took me 5 minutes to cycle through all my crap, just to find and equip what i want then sell the other crap. However playing it again now i can forgive it slightly because it is a fairly good game.

For those of you who followed Fable's development and release, it was full of promise and wonder, however when they released it there was only a fraction of that left in the game. If it had a few more things such as coop or even a reason to go good/evil then it would be alot better a game than what they released. Now dont get me wrong its still a good game, but there is room for improvement, which im hoping they will take into account with Fable 2.

I'm also currently playing through GTA:SA with Mez and Jode. Im not a big fan of the GTA games after GTA 1 due to it being a little to open for me, and i get lost easily. I remember spending entire days travelling accross the world in Morrowind just to find out that i was meant to go to a house across the street from where i started.

Taking my awful path finding into account we are doing quite well and considering its a game based around crime and all things bad in the world its entertaining and has a decent storyline with characters that actually come accross as nice guys.

Anyway its kinda fun playing on the Xbox and PS2, as most games these days tend to be a bit bland and boring (looking at you EA). Will update some more soon as im working like mad to finish off all the components for the Php game before end of Q1.

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And it burns, burns, burns…

When i first heard about the red ring of death, i didn't think much of it. The PS2 had chronic laser troubles when it was released, the original Xbox had laser problems and also some people had hard drives that just seemed to die. So you come to expect consoles to just have some problems every now and again...

Saying that ive recently come to learn how crappy the Xbox 360 hardware is when almost all the Xbox 360 owners i know have had major problems or are currently experiencing ballaches with it.

Jode's Xbox 360 tends to give us the ring of death once or twice a week, but to be fair it still seems to play after a few resets, but other people (druidking, isszul, rambo) all have had red rings/critical failures in the hardware over the last week or two. I'm not saying that Microsoft could really have done anything more than they have done for Xbox owners, but this is one MAJOR hardware fault that will hopefully teach them what NOT to do in their future consoles.

For those of you who are unlucky enough to have a broken Xbox 360 but dont have the red ring (Please Insert Disc errors), try to get in touch with microsoft to see if your machine is still in warranty. If it isn[APO]t then maybe you should just keep messing with it until you get the Red Rings and then get them to fix it (as they are doing extended warranties for red ring troubles i believe). Also their whole repair system on their webpage is automated now so you may as well just tell them you have intermittent red rings and just get them to look at it.

To be fair at least they are giving out extended warranties and trying to make repairing your Xbox as hassle free as possible, Sony didn't give a crap about their failing lasers and the original Xbox didn't get that much support.

Lets hope hardware manufacturers decide to give ALOT more testing to their hardware before they release in the future, although you know they wont [BGR]

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My PS2 was playing up like it normally does... before now hitting it and swearing at it seemed to help it play certain games.

Rolf and myself have tried many times to carry out open laser surgery on it with not much success. We have given it 2 open laser bypass operations with only slight improvements.

Anyway today after getting ready to throw it out of the window i looked up some websites that suggest how to fix the laser without tweaking the laser power dials. I opened it up, made sure it was out cold and began surgery. I had to twist some white dial lots and lots until it was about 8 clicks away from where it began. I then woke it up while still on the operating table and it suddenly RAN a DVD VIDEO, this is something it hadnt done in 3 years.... it was like giving Viagra to an old man...

it then ran EVERY GAME i tried, it took a bit of tweaking on the white dial but after tweaking enough it ran like it was brand new... i was stoked as a goat and happy as a babboon with a big red bottom...

If anyone else has same problems with a ps2 check out this link:


Worked for me and i give it 10 points

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