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Mexican Jeff Presents…

Well as we haven't bothered posting any of our culonary creations on here in a while i thought it would be a nice time to add our own Firecracker Tacos to the site... Im not entirely sure if they were Tacos or just something alltogether different...

[Images No Longer On Host]

Sorry for the crappy quality i was taking the pictures with my phone, anyway we chowed down on those bad boys and were quite impressed with ourselves for making something that didnt look like vomit... We also had a tragic game of Wii Golf where Jode emerged on top by some bizzare turn of events. Needless to say Mexican Jeff was in tears at losing his hard earned skill points.

We then finished off by playing the classic 1990s Turtles arcade game on the Xbox, i could have sworn that Donatello was the best character, but he was pants... After about 30 mins of playing it 3 player we realised it wasnt worth the £4 or so that we paid for it...

For those of you who still play WoW out there, we all seemed to create Paladin characters a couple of weeks ago for a laugh... i mean who doesnt want wings on their character! I've managed to get mine up to about level 50 now and i must say that they are not too bad with the combat revamp from TBC!

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PS3 Almost Released

Well... under a month to go now before the PS3 is launched. At £425 I aint going to buy it until it comes WAAAAY down in price.

Im sure WoW and the Wii can keep me entertained until it does drop in price.

One thing that is quite annoying is the fact that game prices seem to have shot up again by quite a bit, we were discussing this the other day round at Kinky Johns house... or at least i think it was his house.

Games used to be cheap as chips on the C64, i remember getting my £3 pocket money and being able to buy a magazine with like 3 games and 5 demos on, or get 2 brand new games. Then came consoles, which were awesome to be fair, but quite pricey. I had a NES, and had to save up for a month to be able to afford a crappy 2nd hand game

This was quite a jump from £1.50 per game to £30 per game, then followed by the Megadrive and Snes which seemed to be at £40-£50 for some games. It was quite pricey and most people only owned about 5 games and just relied on their friends and christmas to play new ones.

Then came the PSX, i remember a friend of mine getting one when they first came out in the UK, im sure he paid almost £400 for it or something daft. Anyway it was an awesome console and i remember crashing round at his house lots playing on Destruction Derby and Loaded. Games seemed to come back down in price at this point when Saturn and PSX were out together, roughly £30-£40 a game.

Ive just realised how much im rambling here so im just gonna speed it up and say that game prices were quite decent until recently, and now they are shooting back up, and its not a very nice thing for a gamer to have to spend £40-50 for a new game that is pretty but only lasts about 10 hours and is never played again.

PS3 Online Seller Lookup

I have not touched the Wii seller lookup thing for a while, and am not sure if anyone still uses it. Im still not sure if its worth putting up a PS3 seller lookup script as there are so many other people who have dedicated a WHOLE site to doing the same task.

If > 50 people want a PS3 seller lookup script then i will make on just like the Wii lookup to help PS3 hunters get their consoles, although im not sure if there will be much of a shortage with them. If you want one, then post a comment saying so, otherwise best of luck PS3 searching!

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Baptastic + WoW Expansion

Well this week started with the amazing breakfast baguette when our own JF came round to visit us... i couldn't manage a whole one but Jode and JF seemed to polish it off...

Then early on in the week my body decided after 5 years of not being sick due to illness it thought, hey lets just hurl for a laugh... So i had to work from home for a day while i recovered...

Then when i got back to work i was greeted by the worst looking sick in a bap ever, it looked like it had been shot with a shotgun or something, then ruffed up a bit for laughs.

After that baptastic part of the week i managed to play a bit of Eve online on the free trial, i quite liked it however it seemed a bit complex for my tiny mind and i wanted to PvP but apparently im looking at 6 months + playtime to even start that.. which isnt bad.. but also isnt too good when your on a trial.

Also the WoW expansion is apparently out next week so a few of us are off work for a couple of days to have a gaming session on it while its still fun...

Also done a few updates to the Wii Online Alerter, which you can see in the previous posts comments... Alot of other people are making similar scripts at the moment, although they seem to put images and other useless stuff on the page which will just use up all their bandwidth if they have it refreshing constantly :(

I think the Wii shortage is gonna stop soon anyway, but glad to hear that alot of people have been able to get their hands on one now, Jode has ordered Warioware so that should be here this wiikend to play on!

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Not much to report, unless your a Wii Hunter

As alot of people have been asking for various updates to the Wii updater let me just note down a few things that have changed recently:

  • Had to change Ebuyer code, as they changed their Wii page
  • Disabled logging feature as it was just excess baggage
  • Added Game to the list, although it is not doing a DIRECT selling check, should be fine though

I dont really like Ebuyer as their are just removing any helpfull threads relating to get a Wii unless it comes from them, i would take them off the updating list but thats unfair to all Wii Hunters so i will keep them up there for now...

Alot of sites are currently changing their Wii Pages, so if it pops up saying one is available... but it isn't PLEASE let me know so i can update the script...

Hopefully the Wii should become alot more available over the next month, so hopefully everyone will get their hands on one...

OH and also feel free to post a comment with your Wii Friend code in if you managed to get a Wii!!

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New Year + Pokemon Marathon

Well now that its been new year and all the christmas chaos is over and done with its been quite a good year...

Like most people, i did nothing over christmas... well i did play on the Wii quite a bit with Jode, and i did play on Guitar Hero quite a bit, but nothing of any productive value.

We had a fun new year doing our usual drinking session mixed with Guitar Hero and the Wii as well as some unusual free style synchronised dancing...

After the celebrations we awoke to a POKEMON MARATHON, which was quite fun... i even loaded up Fire Red on my DS to have a quick play around and make sure I had some of Jodes pokemon ready to ransom off to him when the new NDS versions of the game come out... Still wishing nintendo would make our Pokemon MMO... that would be awesome!

Anyway happy new year to everyone, and i will now be off to work!

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Friday morning as all hopes of a Wii seemed lost Jode pulled out 2 big boxes... one contained Guitar Hero, the other Guitar Hero 2.... both with Guitars...

The day went from crap to bling instantly, i had an appointment with Game in bangor to try and blag a Wii. Unfortunatly it all went to pot, and i didnt get a Wii from anywhere in Bangor, however i loaded up that script i did the other day for the fun of it and BAM... amazon were selling one.. or ten... Anyway managed to bag one and was happy...

Finally got home and rocked out on Guitar Hero for a while with Jode, then went to the pub, which was pretty dull to begin with. Ever since we have been playing Guitar Hero almost nonstop, Jen is addicted to it and wont let us put on the Wii until her hand is too buggered to play the game anymore...

Anyway im off to go play some GEEEETAR HEROOOO, and dance around like a prat pretending im a rock star.. EVERYONE SHOULD OWN THIS GAME...

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Ready for the Wiikend?

Well as most people know there is only a small amount of time left to get christmas presents, such as the Wii...

I may have a last ditch attempt at getting on tomorrow morning from a local Game store, as im sure there is gonna be a new shipment to at least one branch near by... Ive also just picked up a copy of Fire Emblem from Play in the hope of acctually getting a Wii...

if anyone else is hunting still, ive made some more updates to the Wii Online Seller Alerter in the previous news post. Also its worth checking out AV Forums if your after a last minute Wii.

I've been falling asleep today so ive had to grab some espresso, which tasted like crap, but hey it apparently keeps you awake. So im off to drive home now, hopefully i will have a Wii tomorrow like alot of others out there!

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The Royal Wii :: Part 3

Well as there is a shortage throughout the UK, and this will still probably be the case after christmas ive made a small script that will check the major websites selling Wii consoles to see if they are letting anyone buy from them... as thats the MAIN problem at the moment...

Wii Lookup List

If anyone is using this list and wants other sites added let me know, but PLEASE dont spam the page to death as it will slow down the sellers webpages and slow down my site...

Anyway BEST of luck to any other wii hunters out there! feel free to give any wii hunting tips here!

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The Royal Wii :: Part 2

A few guys at the office have been talking about the Wii since it was released. One lucky bastard managed to get one on release date from somewhere in manchester, but the rest of us are gutted as we cant get any...


Ebuyer have said on their forums that they should have some to sell TODAY... im currently sat here in anticipation waiting for the page let me BUY the damn thing. Only downside is you have to get a bundle... so thats a load of pads and maybe a few games I wont play to often but most of its all good @ £300.

As this is pretty much the last chance there is to get a Wii for christmas ive made a little script to keep spamming the page to see if there is a BUY button on there, and possibly some text changes, at least that way i can do some work while waiting for it to tell me its updated...

Will probably not get a Wii but... Wii can always hope...


Well like with Amazon, when they said HEY WE WILL HAVE SOME WII IN AT 3-4pm, I was awaiting the page to change... then my script started going haywire, so i thought i would update the page... maintenance page... then there was a page with no buy button... gutted...

THEN SHAZAM i updated 3 more times and got a buy button... pages loading Soooo slow at this point, got to checkout... 1x Wii Bundle.. SCORE... went to the final part of checkout and BAM site broke... kept trying to get in, and finally i got to the ship to area, picked my address and it bombed out... then everyones baskets were emptied... so erm looks like i aint got a Wii this year... :(

Looks like Wii got 0wned...

Stopping the cheesy jokes now :)

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Pokemon + MMO = GENIUS

ok... so Jode and myself were sat here watching Pokemon... and we got talking about the Wii and how a Pokemon MMO on that would be the biggest bag of bling known to man.

We basically came up for a concept to use the Wii and control your pokemon as well as being able to incorporate everything that made the games addictive and cool, as well as adding in the TV Show elements, to make it FEEL alot more like you are linked to your pokemon, as well as using the NDS as a Pokedex to track everything and show/trade info with other people....

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